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Ajay Bathija

3404 Powelton Ave, Apt # 3, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

E-mail:  Tel: (267)-879-2614



Seeking an interesting and challenging position in software design and development in a dynamic and growing organization that provides a challenge to my intellectual skills.




Masters of Science, Computer Engineering                                                                                (June2003)

Drexel University, Philadelphia. GPA: 3.8/4.00  

Bachelors of Engineering, Electronics Engineering                                                               (August 2001)

Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Mumbai University GPA: 3.75/4.0)            


Computer knowledge:  

Operating Systems                         : MS-DOS, MS Windows 3.x/95/98/NT 4.0/2000

Programming Languages                : C/C++, Pascal, JAVA, HTML, Visual C++.NET, Visual Basic

Assembly languages                       : Intel 8085, 8086 & Architecture

Database                                       : Oracle, MS Access

Tools/ Utilities                                : MS Office 2000, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Dream weaver,

                                                       Matlab5.0, Cadence, Microsoft FrontPage

Industrial Training:

MRDS Inc., Philadelphia (August 2003-Present):

Responsible for developing an Artificial Intelligent Search Algorithm (E-Coli) to determine the source locations of Carbon Tetrachloride and Technetium. The algorithm is aimed at optimizing the search with minimum complexity using Multiple Resolutions. Simultaneously conducted simulations using FEFLOW to verify the results.

Research Assistant (August 2001 – June2003)):

Drexel University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Philadelphia, PA 19104, Developed methods of learning and providing artificial intelligence to systems. Multi-resolution decision-making was used in making fast and correct decision. All the codes were written in VC++ and Visual Basic.

Western Railways, Mumbai, India. (June 2000-June 2001):

Worked under the Deputy Chief of Signal & Telecommunication Engineer. Acquired training on how traffic signals work and maintaining the same. Developed software for “Centralization of the Control Signals”. Introduced the concept of “Automation and Centralization of Signaling Systems” for Western Railways, Mumbai, INDIA. Programming language used was C++.

Silicon Electronics, Mumbai, India. (Oct1998- February 2000):

Worked as a training engineer for assembly/servicing computers and maintained computers on service calls. The other responsibilities included as a customer service representative were giving assistance in software.



Planning of autonomous vehicle for capturing the adversary vehicle (April 2002– July 2003):

Lead a team of four members in designing and simulating autonomous vehicles used to protect any, given terrain. The vehicles work on Artificial Intelligence and were programmed using VC++.

Carry Look Ahead Adder (September 2002-December 2002):

Study analysis of various types of 4 bit adders. Designed a fast 4-bit Carry look ahead adder and simulated the same in Cadence Software.

Resource Reservation Protocol (April 2002-June 2002):

Study analysis was carried out on Resource Reservation Protocol for the Internet services worldwide. Also proposed a Resource Reservation Protocol based on Modified Dijkstra’s Algorithm.

Encoding/decoding techniques for Telecommunication (January 2002- March 2002):

Simulated the various techniques of encoding/decoding of data messages for efficient transmission over transmission lines using MATLAB Software.

Elementary Discrete Optimization by Searching (Oct 2001 – April 2002):

Developed an algorithm for finding the shortest route from San Francisco to Miami in least computing time. Also developed a constrained Dijkstra’s Algorithm. The constrained algorithm gives the acceleration/deceleration curve for each link between the two cities. 

Automation and Centralization of signaling system (June 2000- June 2001):

Worked as a part of a team of four members, which developed and simulated the Automation and Centralization of Signaling Systems for Western Railways, Mumbai, INDIA.

Simulation of PUMA Robot (Jan 2001- June 2001):

Simulated the PUMA Robot using “C/C++” programming. It would show the various orientations of the Robot for different values of the various joint variables

·         Projects on 8085 processor and assembly language programming (Jan 2000- June 2001):

Simulated Traffic Control Signal System Using a timer and a digital clock as a part of academic curriculum during third year of my undergraduate course.

Database maintenance (June 1994- June 1995):

Developed a database for the school library for ‘Arya Vidya Mandir’. Programming languages used was BASIC




A. Meystel, A. Bathija Tessellating and searching uncertain state space for multi-resolution systems, PerMIS’02, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, August 2002.
A. Meystel, A. Bathija Multiresolutional Planning: Using the Randomized Tessellation of the State Space, Proceedings of ISRA’02, USA, September 2002.



Presented a paper “Tessellating and searching uncertain state space for multi- resolution systems” at the PerMIS’02 Conference held at NIST in August 2002.

Presented a paper on ‘Smart Cards’ for IEEE (SPAAC) and received third prize for it.


Course Work:


Principles of Computer Engg., Computer Network Design, Computer Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithms, Telecommunications.


Scholarships / Awards Won:


Got a scholarship from “Godrej” for being among the top 100 meritorious students in Mumbai.

Societies and Committees: 

Secretary of PRAGATHI, the Indian student’s association in Drexel University.
Indian Society for Tech Engg: Committee Member for 3 years and Publicity Manager for 1 year.
IEEE: Member for one year.
Institution of Engg: Member for 3 years.
Rotract Club of Sea Coast: on the Board of Directors for a year and member for 2 years.