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I recently (2004 winter) bought my 1st car. Driving it was like being in heaven.. As summer came in, my car could not bear the heat. It seemed to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it would start without any problems and sometimes it would just not be ready to start, as if it was saying to me that it is too hot outside and I wanne rest. 

First I took the car to the mechanics, none of them to diagonse the actual problem as it was an erratic problem. So I took itupon myself to figure out the problem and resolve it without paying the repair shops. Since I am interested in Automotive and Computer Engineering but took the IT route for my career, this project was a nice opportunity to get in touch with me other interests.

Analysis of the Car Starting Problem.

Symptom 1. After driving  for short distances, on halting (turning the car off) for a few mins, the car would not start up again immediately. I would have to wait for 15-20 mins before I can get the car started again. 
Probable Cause 1: Some part in the car is getting over heated and not letting the car to start
Probable Cause 2: valve Cover gaskets have worn off, and oil is spattered in the Spark Plug chambers. When the car was running, oils was spattered in the spark plug chambers that covered all the spark plugs' contact points. When the was resting, the oil was slide down and the Spark Plugs could make contact again and hence the car would start. 

Symptom 2. The car troubles you only during the day time when the temperatures are high. 
Probable Cause: The temperature outside is heating up something which is causing the trouble. 

Symptom 3. The problem started/exists only in summer
Probable Cause: The temperature outside is heating up something which is causing the trouble. 

Symptom 4. Before troubling, the car would start for less then a second. 
Probable Cause: This indicates that the fuel in the engine was over and no new fuel is being pumped. 

I am still in the process of writing more information on this topic. Just in case you have experienced any of the above issues then try replacing the Main relay. I have recently replaced this and it seems to have solved the problem. 

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